Product Testimonials

     Why Berger

Berger is committed to providing the highest quality products, superior service and competitive prices. We provide the most extensive product offering with the widest variety of materials and styling to fit virtually any look or solve any drainage and moisture challenge. Berger products are offered through a network of wholesale roofing and building material centers strategically located to provide efficient shipping anywhere in the United States.

  • Roof Drainage Products
    Fabricated in copper, aluminum or steel, this extensive line offers more than 2,000 products including gutters, downspouts, trim coil, roof flashing, roof edging and associated accessories for complete roof drainage systems.
  • Moisture Protection Products
    This is one of the most important areas of roofing. Without proper underlayment, a leak can cause immediate damage or, even worse, mold from years of exposure. Our roofing underlayment products are lightweight, anti-slip and UV stabilized for one year exposure. We also offer water management strategies for sloped roofs meeting vertical walls that are effective with all EIFS, stucco & exterior cladding systems.
  • Snow Retention Products
    Berger has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing one of the most complete lines of snow retention products with a guard to fit nearly any type of roofing & budget, including slate, shake, tile, shingle & metal roof surfaces.
  • Ventilation Products
    Proper roof ventilation is the major factor in extending the life of your roof. AccuVent, and Pro-Master Ridge Vent are just a few of the products offered to maintain proper roof ventilation.
  • Outdoor Living Products
    Improving outdoor living spaces is the hottest trend. Whether building a deck or trimming out an entire house, Berger offers the finest products to do the job. DrySnap® and ProDeck™ building products help provide safe and functional decks, porches, balconies, stairs and ramps. Both product lines are maintenance free and backed by a warranty.
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